Many of Obama’s claims on health care are true, but caveats persist


Pro-Obama launches TV ad on economic vision

That will be adjusted to roughly 4.5% due to various factors such as higher health-care deductibles. The study says medical inflation hasnt been that low since 1960. Thats also put a halt to the percentage of gross domestic product devoted to health care over the last three years, according to data from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Figures show that from 2009 through 2011 the most recent data available the U.S. spent 17.7% of its GDP on health care. A few caveats, though. That 17.7% is by far the highest in the world, and nearly double the 9.3% average for the worlds industrialized nations.
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That’s where Obama kicked off a months-long attempt to spotlight his efforts on the economy and the middle class. “Thanks to the grit, the resilience, the determination of the American people, we’ve been able to clear away the rubble from the financial crisis,” Obama says over a montage of images of factory workers, solar panels and students. “But we’re not there yet.” Obama calls for a long-term strategy to replace short-term thinking: less economic inequality, a higher minimum wage and better access to pre-school. All are repeats of ideas the president long has been promoting. Organizing for Action isn’t disclosing how much it’s spending on the ad campaign. But the ad – the group’s first to address an issue other than Obama’s health care law – comes as Obama is hoping to stockpile momentum before expected showdowns with congressional Republicans over federal spending levels and the nation’s debt limit.
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Obama at 45% on economy in two new polls

July 24, 2013 10:24 am at 10:24 am | A Kickin’ Donkey Do 51% disapprove of majority T-Party CongrASSes single minded opposition to ANYTHING the President has put forth on the topic of jobs? We at least have them off that “tax Cuts for Job Creators” schtick with the evidence of the GOPs FAULED 10-Year experiment of the Bush Tax cuts. We should never repeat that failure although it won’t be long before the NEXT Mitt Romney tries to float that past Americans again. Access to the American marketplace [330 million] consumers ias the prize. We need a bit of “socialism” from our politiciNs. Let’s see policies in place that encourage [read:REQUIRE] firms that want to sell in America to make [and I mean build detailed sub-assemblies] in America to have an opportunitiy to SELL to Americans.
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