Boehner Lawsuit Targets Obamacare’s Employer Mandate – Yahoo News


Obamacare’s big winners: young adults, Latinos and poor

A couple purchase health insurance under the Affordable Care Act on Jan. 15, 2014 in Miami.

No president should have the power to make laws on his or her own.” Boehner announced last week that he would be suing President Obama for the presidents executive overreach, but until Thursday he had not specified what specifically he planned to challenge. Though many were speculating it would revolve around presidents recent use of executive orders, a leadership aide said the presidents actions to delay the employer mandate went further than issuing an executive order. The president likes to create straw men. We arent arguing that the president shouldnt be able to issue executive orders; all presidents can and should be able to do that, a leadership aide said. Were arguing that the president shouldnt be able to make his own laws, as he did in the case of the suspension of the employer mandate. Its a very important distinction, a point that Boehner made today. Related: Obamacare Mandate: My Whim Is My Command The decision for Republicans to target the delay of the employer mandate is interesting since overturning the delay would speed up implementation of a major provision of Obamacarethe law the GOP has worked so hard to try to undermine. Still, Boehner said the lawsuit was borne out of “an obligation to stand up for the Legislative Branch.” After the administration announced the first delay to the mandate last summer, House Republicans held their own vote to delay the mandate as a political stunt to show their displeasure with the administration for going around Congress. The idea that the president can merely go out there and make a decision about what hes going to enforce and he isnt going to enforce is fundamentally wrong, Boehner said at the time. Related: Drop Obamacares Employer Mandate, Lose $149 Billion President Obama laughed off Boehners lawsuit.
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But that was a statistically insignificant decrease, the survey’s authors said. The effect of states not expanding was dramatically illustrated by the case of Texas, whose governor is hostile to Obamacare altogether. Read More Why your job dictates your health insurance cost The Long Star State, which at 34 percent had the highest uninsured rate in the nation as of last summer, saw a very big drop in that rate, down to 22 percent. But Texas, and Florida, another non-expansion state, still have the highest uninsured rates of any large state. In contrast, California, which expanded Medicaid and enthusiastically embraced Obamacare, saw its uninsured rate among working-age adults plummet from 22 percent to 11 percent. The Commonwealth Fund survey came on the heels of a report by WalletHub that looked at uninsured rates of individual states. The WalletHub report found that the states with the lowest uninsured rated were overwhelmingly “blue states”ones lead by Democrats who embraced Obamacare through running their own insurance exchange and expanding Medicaid.
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