Obamacare Court Defense Crumbles: Column


Opinion: Gutting Obamacare is playing with lives – CNN.com

Jennifer DeVoe

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Federal health exchanges

Thankfully, a different court of appeals found just the opposite. FAQ: What the Obamacare court decisions mean for you There will be no shortage of court challenges trying to chip away at the Affordable Care Act, but gutting the ACA would just strip patients of their means to obtain cancer treatment and other life-saving health care. Two years ago, I diagnosed a 52-year-old uninsured man with Stage IV colon cancer, which took his life. Months earlier, he had noticed blood in his stool and had been scheduled for a colonoscopy. Without health insurance to pay for this costly test, he postponed it while waiting for financial assistance to help him buy health insurance coverage. It is likely that a health insurance subsidy would have saved his life.
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Cheap solutions to Obamacare challenge could work: Experts

A woman sits with an insurance agent as she inquires about purchasing health insurance under the Affordable Care Act at a kiosk at the Mall of the Americas on Dec. 22, 2013 in Miami.

Circuit court panel’s ruling is based on the claim that the Affordable Care Act only allows financial aid to those who signed up through a state-run Obamacare exchange. Fifteen such exchanges have been built, including the District of Columbia’s. Read More Obamacare subsidizes fictitious persons The decision was based on explicit language in the ACA that authorizes subsidies to be issued through a state-established exchangethe ACA does not likewise explicitly say the subsidies can be issued through a federal exchange. On the same day, a judicial panel in another federal appeals court, the 4th Circuit in Virginia, found that subsidies issued to federal exchange enrollees are legal, although it conceded that the ACA language is ambiguous. While that split exists between the two circuits, the subsidies remain in effect. The Obama administration plans to ask the entire D.C. Circuit to reverse its panel’s decision. But if the Supreme Court takes up the issue and eventually declares that the D.C.
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